Joseph N. Tran


Awhile back, I thought it would be a fun idea to play with a few digital projectors. I got them connected to my Macbook, threw on some choice movies and created some unique backdrops and colors. Shot a few of my close model friends in this scenario and was excited to see the results.

I shot at a high ISO, somewhere around 3200 - 6400, and just used the projectors lighting for much of my lighting source. I killed off any ambient light in the room, and just let the projector do the work as well as the camera. I shot in RAW format to give myself some room for error. As for the models, I just let them be themselves, and they had a great time with the project. I really enjoyed the results.

I haven’t taken the time to go back, to thoroughly piece these shoots together. So I figured it would be fun to share them on this post. The top set is of Cassy, I used more of a futuristic setting, and the movie used, I believe, was “2046.” The bottom set featuring Kelly, I used “The Fountain.” The shots of Kelly, posted here, were shot from my old iPhone 5. Not bad for the time, in regards to the quality of the shot, and what I was able to do with it. These movies were quite visually stunning, and would provide really interesting backdrops and overlays. 

The results posted are pretty much as shot, with some light adjustments for shadows and highlights. I’ll probably work on these some more, down the line. Right now I’m currently working on another chapter to add to a personal favorite story of mine, which I’ll post within the week.

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