Joseph N. Tran

Forgotten Sanctuaries

There are a handful of places where I love to go to get away from it all. Sometimes I make the escape on my own, other times I take someone along with me so we can knock out a shoot. It helps to clear my mind from the daily pressures and stresses I face. I’m most productive when there isn’t anything weighing me down. Finding the time to escape from everything helps me to refocus on my own goals. 

The serenity of nature allows me to relax and just think about life, past, present, and future. We need to think and reflect upon where we’ve been, where we’re at, and where we’re looking to go. It’s difficult when we’re in our familiar surroundings. Distractions come up, and we’re often pulled into commitments. Take time to step outside that box. Set aside time for ourselves. Finding safe new places we can call our own, will help us identify what is truly important in life.

This past year has been difficult I’m sure, for all of us. But let’s not forget what has brought us happiness and joy in the past. Let’s not forget what’s important now, and in our futures. Don’t spend the energy and time on matters concerning others, until we can take the time and energy to focus and take care of ourselves first.

In the cove with Bree.

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