Joseph N. Tran


Misa hits me up and tells me she thrifted a really cool vintage bridal dress. I immediately suggested we go play. Potential story ideas started to churn in my head.

The story I brewed up was one of a stranded, or a runaway bride. I figured the mood and the emotions involved would be perfect for either scenario, and Misa, being the amazing model she is, would be able to naturally bring my character to life.

The shoot was fantastic. The shots were amazing. We loved the results. We had tons of fun. Unfortunately, it’s now years down the road, and I still haven’t been able to present the story. I’m so fussy, it’s a problem. In my battle with striving for perfection, I’m left with memorable work sitting on the sideline. I love this set, and I’ve told myself, I’ll lay it down one of these days.

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