Joseph N. Tran


A person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

Forever my muse, Kassi.


“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”  -Carl Jung

Beautiful Tina.


I get asked a lot of questions and thought this would be a fun one to answer:

Q. “If you could photograph any model from the past, who would it be, and why?”

A. Easy, Christy Turlington in her prime, hands down. 

I’m deeply inspired by all the photographers and models of this era. When it comes to models though, Christy Turlington, is always at the top of the list for me. I can safely say, she’s my all time favorite model, and one I would love to shoot. For me, she embodies the flowing grace of elegance and beauty. Simply stated, she’s just a timeless classic. I’m naturally drawn to eyes when choosing who I want to photograph. Her eyes are so captivating, breathtaking, and so alluring. I haven’t even mentioned her versatility. Whether it’s beauty, body, or avant-garde, she would fit the mold so perfectly, for everything I would love to shoot.


I long to get away. I miss the open air, the ocean breeze, and the discovery of new adventures. There is hope that things will settle down. Eventually, life will reach a point of stability again. I tell this to myself each day.

Alex the mermaid.


Amidst the chaos and anger, a calming presence will soothe the soul.

A moment with Ludi.


The best apples are at the top of the tree. Rotten apples drop to the bottom. Reach a bit, and aim high. Don’t settle for what has dropped and has been left behind. If you’re going to get your heart broken, make sure that it’s from something well worth the heartache, and your best efforts.

Rose and her apple.


This was a fun project I cooked up. I wanted to attempt several takes on various iconic looks and personas throughout the past decades. I would have to start with a certain era, and I would have to choose a couple of really famous icons as my inspirations. 

From there I knew I would have to find a model, or models, to fulfill my vision. After taking some time to think things over, I knew I wanted to do the project with just one model, and take her along throughout the various decades of the project. Perhaps down the road I could expand it, create more chapters to add to this project. It was challenging choosing the specific model that would fit all the decades and icons of those decades. 

In the end, I knew Lauren would be perfect for my project. I’ve known Lauren for quite some time and she is such a timeless, classic beauty, which I could see working out really well for my vision. Aside from that, she’s such a sweetheart, and we just have great chemistry together. It is always a joy to work with her. The decision was a no brainer. My makeup and hair team are top notch, and I knew they would be excited to be a part of this creative project.

We got to work when all of our schedules lined up, and made a promise to try to do one session a month. It helped that Lauren also lived really close to me, which made scheduling a lot easier. We managed to go through the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s before our schedules filled up, making it difficult to come back to the project consistently. Someday I hope to return and continue where I left off, as it was a very inspirational project, and just a whole lot of fun.

Shots of Lauren during the process.

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